Saturday, February 7, 2009

My little step sister took this when me and my little step brother were wrestling in the old toy room.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Another peom about my old school ex

my heart is ripped in half by a cold hearted bitch who gaffs!ha thats right i said it,but this is just for self medic!You can get gaffed to by any guy or girl,and then create your own whirl pool of std's and slut whore disease ha im going even further and farther.just cuz i can and im your father!by the way my mother thought you was a hoe too,and there aint nothing you can do to make me stop im so pissed and i aint never going to drop the beat now make it pop touch the ground get out ur seat!ok listen up bitch cuz like i said im not done now im starting to have some make me laugh saying you lie,and your friends laughs to ha well you all are going to die,one day,just like everyone else,cept youll be in ur death bed with no one or no pusle...sad to say but you do it to ur self im just mad today and concerned about your health.listen up and open your ears because ur pissing me off and grinding my gears.guess what im going to do hoe im done for now this is nothing new cept now im not thinking of you!i know you'll hear the words that i yell and i know that im going to burn in hell.this is just a method of releasing my mind saying what i think in a rhyme.I'm sealing my mouth and typing in time.this time im done and way outta ok cuz i hate you this time and its ok cuz i aint never looking back or ever going call or do fucking jack!!!!my spelling and gramer all suck ass but its ok cuz im having a blast writing and typing these words about my past!!!!!cold hearted is how i write and theres a girl who likes me that im seeing tonight,your a hoe and i dont wanna fight but your an idiot and im expressing my right to write and say what i type.this doesn't mean shit im just making it up...or do i feel what i type in my heart,meh i dunno its all just an art,a life style,freedom of speech dont censor me or let me hear you preech!cuz im going to live life move on and forgot..laugh burn the memories and never regret!you meant nothing to me and this is just another way to vent.pretend we were good but in the end prevent urself from leaving another dent on some poor boys heart cuz fuck you you bitch your so fucking dark!im blocking out the memories of the park...cold hearted bitch...

Another peom of mine

Running and hiding,pushing and not abiding.I realized my lifes not easy.It'll take my breath, make me weezy.I won't look down and im not about to frown.You think your tough.Try and find your mom with the bottle in palm.thats rough.Then try to stay calm, as theres something wrong.My friend didn't believe but he helped me.I lived life and so did she.Hers was up and it made me see.Just what she could of been.It's a shame and i'm not mean.I won't let the same,happen to me and my scene.I'll be free of the substance.I want more to my life,like some kids and a wife.An empire thats huge and,I'm never going to lose.Control your minds rhythem and speed.Thats all you should need.To write some nice verses,Then take the time to reherse it.Or even reverse it, its pretty much all pratice.Just keep at what you love, and soon it will add up above.I have a network thats growing,and soon I'll be showing everyone that I'm more then just glowing.I'll be a star up in the lights.I will devote a couple of sleepless nights. I will get what I want, and substance will not stop.Me I am a winner.I learn fast,I am not a quiter.You can flow like a river, but my words will make you shiver.Stand strong, all along, this is my song.

My peom about painting

He loves to paint.Dark colours to faint.He loves the shadows.He thinks that he knows,what he is doing has arose from the past.What he did, didnt't pass.Now hes roaming the streets, avoiding the heat.Theres no test so don't compete.I use to know him, but now I'm scared...Now hes changed.He is not the same, he is rearranged.Its sad and strange,but he still paints.

I wrote this awhile ago about my ex right afer I moved

Fuck you I wandered the streets wondering,Thinking,retracing and it leads to this..your a drunk slutty mistrice.You can play your games and tricks,drink and suck some dicks.maybe you got fucked by ten little pricks all at the same time,juss so you could remember mine ha drink some more wine.I gave up don't like you at all now you slut. your in a rut.Cry out for help when you die inside,ppssshhh lmao ill just hide.I'm done talking to you,I'm done for good we're threw in life.I wish you knew what your doing cuz its just ruining and screwing with your brain soon you'll be so fucked you be insane.I wondered why I was sad but now I know, its becuase I sat there and watched all this potential go.I'm pissed cuz i have no weed and this is what i need,to get off my chest and if i don't ill never rest.Hope you had fun, I know what was going to be dun.I could tell from the moment we left it had begin.What the fuck was I thinking leaving with you I must of been drinking.Its ok cuz I was, but unlike you i was just buzzed.I learned to handle myself, and you can go fuck yourself,oh wait thats why you wanted to go there.So you could get fucked and maybe jizz in your hair.Now I find that we were not ment to be could I think that we could be intertwined.I must of been crazy and outta my mind, your just not my kind.I never going to call or try again. I'm done nevers when.You like my mom misused.If only you didn't drink so much and abuse.I guess thats why i was had reminded me of her my mom.Also you hit me like she did with a closed palm.Thats the past tho I'm forgetting it all thats for sure.I may be immature lol but atleast im not impure.Atleast I can ussure you that your not the cure,to way i was so insucure and home sick...suck some more dick.I missed my friends and all the people i hadn't nick.I now know you won't be apart of my scene. Ill chill with people that actully mean something to me,that havent changed.They arent dereanged, I have exchanged your love for something much more.For someone who isn't a whore and for someone whom i adore.In conclusion I'm sorry for the confussion,Baby Her love was an illusion.Mike Tolles Rolls

This is me busting a huge indy grab.
I love sk8boarding!!! The park I'm sk8ing in this picture is Alliston's old sk8 park and now we don't have one.
I think if Alliston wants the kids to stay out of trouble they should have at least 1 sk8park this summer. Also there is vdeo footage of me landing some stuff on that same day its called "Just chill" you should just go watch it.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

This blog is about....

OK so this is my 4Th post in two days and I just wanted to really say what this whole thing is about. First off this is just some school project thing. My blog is completely about me and my interests and its also a way of venting to who ever reads this. I put the games I found interesting on here just for people who enjoy playing them like myself. I also have 2 videos of myself on here. My friend who sk8s flimed me twice for about half an hour and edited the footage.
If I had a camera there would be like 5 hours or more of video footage of me and a bunch of my buddies. I have also put up some videos of my home city super sk8er Grant Patterson. This guy inspires me mostly because hes from Brampton and I've sk8ed with him a couple of times way, way, way, back in the day! I have put up a bunch of other stuff that interests me and believe me alot more is coming!! Peace out all you interweb readers from Mike Tizzle Fo Shizzle!!!